The "Public Benefit Foundation Michael N. Stassinopoulos - VIOHALCO' was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Athens.

The Foundation’s vision is the cultural development of the people of Tegea, the promotion of the area’s ancient civilization and the encouragement of local tradition. Towards this end, the Foundation has financed archaeological excavations in Tegea and the greater area of Arcadia, and sponsors the Archaeological Museum of Tripolis.

The Cultural Center of the Foundation is located in the village of Stadio, Municipality of Tegea, 6 kilometers from Tripolis. The founder of VIOHALCO Group of Companies, Michael Stassinopoulos, was born in Stadio.

The Cultural Center comprises:

Ground Floor

  • Theater - where various events, i.e. lectures, speeches, exhibitions, plays, concerts, musical performances etc. take place

1st Floor

  • Library - frequently enhanced with new editions
  • Multi-purpose Room - for speeches and projections to smaller groups
  • Workshop-Kitchen - patchwork, cooking, handicraft lessons etc.
  • Computer Room - 10 seats

The Foundation contributes in the operating costs of the Primary Schools of Stadio and Rizes, the Junior High and High School of Alea, with the purchase of up-to-date equipment and the transformation of their athletic grounds. It organizes educational programs and excursions, offers computer lessons, and finances children of the primary schools of Tegea at the Attico Conservatory of Tripolis.

The Foundation houses and sponsors the “Tegea” Dance Society, performing in Greece and abroad, in an effort to promote and advance Greek folk dance and music. The Dance Society has created classes for children, teenagers, and adults.

A choir for adults has also been established in 2008.

The Foundation instituted scholarships for 3rd year Business Administration students of the School of Economics at the Athens University.

Finally, the Foundation encourages and supports the active participation of the people of Tegea in the organization of cultural events, organizes excursions for adults and supports cultural and athletic associations in the area of Tegea.




Multi-purpose Room

Workshop - Kitchen

Computer Room


Address: Stadio Tegea, 22012 Arcadia, Greece.

Library – Events:
Ms. Vivi Katsifa

Tel: 2710 557111 / Fax: 2710 557158 /
6974 404523


Ms. Kiki Aggelakou

Tel: 2710 557111 / Fax: 2710 557158 /
6974 404525



Address: 2-4 Mesogeion ave., 11527 Athens, Greece

Ms. Vicky Kefallinou

Tel: 210 6861486 / Fax: 210 6861427 /
6974 401486