Sunday, 14th January06:30 pm

A walk around the world through four love stories with Lili Labrelli (narration) and Giannis Psariotis (music).

Thursday, 18th January11:30 am

Lecture for Tegea’s students by the specialist in electronic crime Mr. Manos Sfakianakis, Lieutenant General Of the Greek Police

Wednesday, 24th January08:30 am

For elementary school students by Emmanuel Karagiannis, surgeon head and neck, partner of Iaso General

Wednesday, 24th January07:00 pm

Lecture by Prof. Yiannis Gryntakis, Dr. in Literature & History

Monday, 29th January09:30 am

A theatrical performance adapted for children by the Greek Educational and Research Center of Culture for elementary, high school and Lykeion students.

Wednesday, 7th February07:00 pm

Discussion on how reading can affect our lives and the possibilities of using the Foundation’s Library with Mrs. Alexandra Papazoglou, Director of the Hellenic American Foundation’s Libraries.

Thursday, 8th February12:00 am

Visit of Elementary School students in the archaeological site of Ancient Messini.

Wednesday, 14th February07:00 pm

Lecture by Mr Sotiris Gartaganis, Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Patras

Friday, 23rd February10:00 am

Alexia’s Alexiou puppet show for kindergarten and elementary school first classes’ pupils.

Friday, 23rd February11:30 am

Tassos' Konstas shadow theater performance for elementary school advanced classes' students.

Tuesday, 27th February11:00 am

One-day workshop for Tegea’s Gymnasium & Lykeion students by authors Mr. Filippos Mandilaras, Ms. Eleni Katsama and Ms. Katerina Kris with Patakis' Publications.

Wednesday, 7th March07:00 pm

Lecture by Mr. Christos A. Papadimitriou, MD, PhD, pathologist-oncologist, Professor of the Medical School of Athens, Director of the Oncology Unit of Aretaieio Hospital

Monday, 19th March07:00 pm

Managing anger in all ages. Lecture by Dr. Kiki Tzortzakaki-Lymberopoulou, Teacher-Family Counsellor

Tuesday, 27th March07:00 pm

Myths and truths about nutritional and vitamin supplements. Lecture by Mr. Stelios I. Grigorakis, MD, PhD, Endocrinologist Iaso General

Friday, 20th April11:00 am

Educational programme for Tegea’s high school students.

Wednesday, 25th April09:00 am

Ms. Tassoula Eptakoili, Ms. Eleni Katsama, and Ms. Vasia Paraskevopoulou, authors, present their books to the kindergarten and primary school pupils of Tegea.

Monday, 7th May11:00 am

For the kindergarten & primary school students in cooperation with Ms. Athena Salappa-Iliopoulos, music professor. Performing: Ms. Georgia Tsolaki (1st violin), Mr. Lefteris Papanikolaou (2nd violin), Mr. Giannis Romanos (viola) and Ms. Amalia Giannopoulou (cello)

Wednesday, 9th May07:30 pm

Lecture by A. Polymerou-Kamilaki, Head of the Hellenic Folklore Research Center, Academy of Athens.

Sunday, 10th June08:30 pm

Instructor Mr. V. Zacharis, Prof. of Byzantine Music.

Sunday, 17th June08:00 pm

The students of the Foundation’s Music Department, having studied at the Conservatory of Tripolis (Attiko Odeio), present their work.

Saturday, 30th June09:00 pm

Instructor: Mr. G. Liaros

Educational programme “Healthy children, healthy planet”
Educational program aimed at changing our eating habits for primary schools and high school students in collaboration with WWF Greece
Thursday, 17th May11:00 am

"Do not eat what they serve you"

Theatrical adaptation of Eleni Svoronou’s book from "Don Quixote" theater group


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