The Society maintains a large collection of authentic traditional costumes from various parts of the country, which is regularly enriched. Special emphasis has been given to the study and promotion of the local traditional costume "Mavrofoustano" (Black Dress) which dates back to 1830. It is a sleeveless dress, open in the front, and fitted in the waist of the pleated skirt. All its beauty lies on the red felt hem with colorfully embroidered designs. The two edges of the hem are lifted up to the waist showing the white underskirt, which is also embroidered about the same length as the black dress. There are also gold embroidered jackets worn with the dress as well as an apron in front. A red brimless hat with a silk tassel was later added to the costume.

Traditional costumes of Macedonia

Τraditional costumes: Mavrofoustano-Foustanela

Τraditional costume of Metaxades, Thrace

Τraditional costumes of Nisyros-Kymi


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