The "Michail N. Stassinopoulos-Viohalco Public Benefit Foundation" (herein referred to as The Foundation) was established in 1969 by two companies "Viohalco S.A." and "Viohalco Cables S.A."

The Foundation's headquarters are located in Athens, but all the activities take place at the Cultural Center of Stadio, Tegea, 6 km south of Tripolis.

Michail N. Stassinopoulos was born in Stadio in 1899. He studied Chemistry at the University of Athens and started his working career in commerce, following his father's footsteps. He later entered the industrial sector and took over the "Hellenic Copper Industry S.A. in 1953. He renamed it "VIOHALCO S.A." and turned it into one of the most significant Greek industries. He was the perfect example of a self-made entrepreneur.

Michail N. Stassinopoulos passed away in 1964, and his widow, Marianthi, and their two sons, Nikos and Evangelos, established the Foundation in his memory.


The Foundation's mission is to promote local culture and provide further education to the people of Tegea.

The Foundation is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, two of whom are life-long members. Marianthi Stassinopoulos was its first President until her death in 1997.

The logo of the Foundation represents an 11-radius circle and is a copy of a seal from the post-geometrical period. It was discovered in the Altar of Alea Athena in Tegea and is currently exhibited at the Panarcadic Archaeological Museum of Tripolis. 

The Cultural Center of the Foundation is located in the village of Stadio, Municipality of Tegea, 6 kilometers from Tripolis. The founder of VIOHALCO Group of Companies, Michael Stassinopoulos, was born in Stadio.

The Cultural Center comprises:

Ground Floor

  • Theater - where various events, i.e. lectures, speeches, exhibitions, plays, concerts, musical performances etc. take place

1st Floor

  • Library - frequently enhanced with new editions
  • Multi-purpose Room - for speeches and projections to smaller groups
  • Workshop-Kitchen - patchwork, cooking, handicraft lessons etc.
  • Computer Room - 10 seats




Multi-purpose Room

Workshop - Kitchen

Computer Room


Address: Stadio Tegea, 22012 Arcadia, Greece.

Ms. Triantafylli Sotiropoulou

Tel: 2710 557111 / Fax: 2710 557158 /
6974 404524


Ms. Vivi Katsifa

Tel: 2710 557111 / Fax: 2710 557158 /
6974 404523



Address: 2-4 Mesogeion ave., 11527 Athens, Greece

Administration & Event Management :
Ms. Vicky Kefallinou

Tel: 210 6861486 / Fax: 210 6861427 /
6974 401486